Building Teams

Building teams is serious business.

Challenge #1 – Create Trusting Relationships

There are several great models for building a team. However, the basis for every single great team is trust. But how do you establish trust? How do you deepen it? This is where our expertise is critical.

Challenge #2 – Clarity of Purpose

Beyond developing the foundation for the team, you must have a clear understanding of what the team is to accomplish. While you may understand this, getting a group of people developed into a team and creating clarity around that purpose can be incredibly difficult.

Challenge #3 – Expecting the Unknown

Finally, every team runs into ‘bumps in the road’. This could be internal or extermal. We understand the road between A and B and can provide advice, help with an intervention, provide additional training, coaching

How we can help you:

Like a football team, the quarterback is the leader on the field and there is also the coach on the sidelines that keeps an eye on the ‘big picture’. We are that coach, able to be more objective and focus on the effort of creating the team by help you execute specific ‘plays’ that will get you the right result.

In sports, the goal is obvious – to ‘score’. However, what is your goal? We call that ‘Point B’.

Moving from Point A to Point B.

Our focus is to help you get to Point B as efficiently as possible. So, where are you now? What is your ‘A’?

We begin by understanding the two points. Until we do, we are simply guessing which is the right vehicle to get you to Point B.

Most clients have an idea of where they want to go:

  • There is a direction problem to be address
  • Everything is “Just okay, but could be a lot better”, or
  • The team is good, but there is always room for improvement and we need an outside person to help us get to the next level.

Point A – Where is Your Group Right Now?

Some common Point A’s below. Click the stickie below to read more about how we address these three common starting points.

You may a different Point A. No problem, the process is very similar to the ones below. Contact us to begin the discussion.

Point B – Where Do You Want Your Group to Be?

After the initial defining of Point A, a solution is created using our expertise but also in partnership with you. You know your business better than we ever could and that expertise is just as valuable to the success of Point B.

Success – What does it look like?

This is a critical point as it will define success and outline the scope of the engagement between us.

The Point B solution is designed in a Milestone format with continual check-in opportunties to ensure we are being effective in our efforts.

Each Milestone has objectives, deliverables from Be Legendary and ‘Stop / Continue’ opportunities. This allows you to stay in control during the entire process as well as in control of your budget. If circumstances change in your organization, we can adjust at any point.

This Milestone system allows for maximum flexibility in our partnership.

Complete Engagement Report

After every single engagement, whether it is a single workshop or, year-long engagement working at several levels of the organization and individual coaching, we provide a Complete Engagement Report.

The Complete Engagement Report will outline everything, including Next Steps to be taken to further the efforts within your organization. Our goal is make is completely clear and transparent about Point A and Point B at all times.

Look to the left for links to common workshops. Read below for information about our workshops and some of the most popular below.

Corporate environments are tricky and challenging when it comes to ‘team building’.

There is a pervasive mentality of ‘been there, done that’ with images of falling backwards into the group that catches them — the Trust Fall.

Capturing their attention within minutes and keeping it throughout the program is the goal of every ‘team building’ event, program or workshop we run.

Additionally, a recent survey found that almost 75% of all corporate employees have an exit strategy.

This has caused us to carefully consider two questions:

  • How do you create a meaningful experience for an audience that is mentally prepared to leave at any time?
  • How do you get them to care enough to change?

Keeping these thoughts in the forefront of our minds, we have created workshops to move even the most cynical of participants.


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