Little Achievements Create a Big Difference

It is the tiniest parts of life that can make the the biggest differences.  A chess player won’t overlook the necessity of its pawns and a sprinter knows the importance of a tenth of a second. A moment is valuable. Some more then others,…

Have an Unreasonable Look on Life

We interact with life through a set of contexts, a scale of possibilities.  The bar gets set and everything under it becomes achievable. We become familiar with the scales of our lives telling us what we can or cannot do.  Everything…

Burn Your Boats

This example, although extreme, is a powerful mindset.  Burning your boats is essentially removing all excuses.  If soldiers found themselves outgunned and outmanned they would have to come up with a strategy different then strength in numbers.  When…

The Fox and the Hedgehog

There is the common misconception that with the influx of information there is an increase in knowledge. We live in a world of rationalizers. I am going to tell you right here and now that openness is the remedy to a fixed mindset.  Now…
your purpose

Sole Purpose

This past Thursday we brought our legendary intent to 900 very extraordinary SFL employees in Quebec City with the launching of our Sole Purpose event.  Partnering with Soles4Souls, we are taking a joint effort to get shoes to the 300 million…

Are Your Investments Worthwhile

How many times have we uttered the phrase, “That was a waste of time.”   As good as our intentions may be, the outcome clearly did not pan out the way we wished it to. Hours upon hours of time invested into something, and the result…
we see

We See What We Look For

Consider this.  Two people watch a speech.  Both hear the exact same words, and yet both come up with drastically different conclusions. How does this happen? Well let’s say this were a speech about politics, and one person was a…
building tool

Myers Briggs (MBTI) as a Team Building Tool

We talk a lot about tools for use in team building. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tools available and used in 'team building' situations. Whether it is a true 'team building' or not is not relevant here as Myers Briggs is actually…

Make Sure Every Aspect of Your Meeting Serves Two Purposes

The old days of silly 'team building' is over. There is a time and place for bonding, but with meeting time precious, make sure any time you spend is serving at least two purposes. Years ago I was First Mate on an 80-foot sailing vessel…

10-Step Survival Guide for Tough Times

Times are tough. 2 million jobs lost in 2008, 533,000 in November alone, the most in 34 years.  Manufacturing is down.  Now the automotive industry is requiring a bailout. The economy is moving into a very difficult and tumultuous time. …
manage virtual teams

The Five C’s Of Managing Virtual Teams

Written with Jennifer Rasmussen Your face to face kickoff meeting has just been deemed nonessential travel by the powers that be. The project, however, is just as essential as ever. The team members are scattered in offices all over the country.…

Accountability Starts with You! Excuse Me?

Accountability is a funny thing. Ask almost anyone if they hold themselves accountable and you will receive one of several replies: 'Of course!', 'Sure!', 'I do, but no one else seems to!'. And then reading a book recently about personal…

Team Building Turns Ugly For School Board

A great example of 'team building' gone wrong. You cannot jump into discussion without having a common experience to draw from and begin conversation in a safe arena.
team building

Why Teams and Team Building?

I have mixed emotions when it comes to team building.  It would take a corporate Grinch of gargantuan proportions to say, categorically, that team building is a bad idea. The philosophy behind team-building is, essentially that: In corporate…

Best Team Experience

Written with JoAnn McNutt When I think about the best experiences I've had working in teams, what comes to mind is the feeling of satisfaction and the sense of accomplishment that comes out of hard work, stress, and lots of laughter. What…