One for One Promise

Be Legendary believes in the One for One movement.


For every adult participant who attends one of our Be Legendary programs, we will provide a Be Legendary workshop to a young adult.

Helping our youth understand and experience Legendary concepts and leadership is critical. Our young adults idolize fame and fortune.  We seek to help them recast their view of who deserves to be role models by exposing them to inspirational and authentic leaders and everyday heroes … just like them.

Our Legendary student workshops include an introduction to the Be Legendary ABCs, exercises around core values, engaging peer conversations, and the opportunity to convert their innovative thoughts and ideas into action.

The result is an impactful, thought-provoking experience that boosts student confidence, celebrates creativity and diversity, and showcases the importance of service to others.

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*While Be Legendary donates the cost of the workshop to worthy students with promise, the student (or school ) will still be responsible travel expenses to and from the workshop location.

Executive Retreats
For every executive who participates in one of our Legendary Retreats, we will provide a similar Legendary Retreat for a young person of promise who is nominated.  Each retreat is a minimum of three days and is a mixture of wilderness training and Be Legendary content.

Retreat participants will exit the retreat with a solid understanding of how they can impact the world and an amazing sense of confidence and self.  The wilderness survival

Want to nominate yourself or a young person you know?  Read more here about the requirements.

One of our most popular experiences is our Building A Dream Legendary Experience.  Participants build bicycles which are then given away to children who do not own a bicycle.

For every bicycle given away in our experiences, we are donating an additional bicycle through our non-profit partner, Bikes for Tykes.  Why?  1:1, of course!  And more bikes are better.

Be Legendary and 1:1 … Changing the World Two People at a Time!