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Accountability Starts with You!

There is a good chance you have found this article as a leader or trainer trying to figure out how to hold people accountable. Funny thing, accountability. Ask almost anyone if they hold themselves accountable and you will receive one of several replies: ‘Of course!’, ‘Sure!’, ‘I do, but no one else seems to!’. Notice […]

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Authenticity and its Place in Teams

Recently I ran across a very interesting question: Authenticity — what does it mean to you? Do you believe it exists as a central core characteristic? Is it a construct of the modern management environment? Does it have a relevance or should we be more concerned about commercial metrics, performance and the like? Authenticity is […]


The ‘Stuff of Legend’

(Business Destinations) — When disaster strikes in the office, it’s essential that boardrooms remain calm, cool and collected. Colleagues must work as a team to overcome obstacles. Yet it’s tricky to work together effectively when employees don’t feel like they’re part of that team. Water cooler chat and after-work drinks are all well and good, […]

5 Ways to Ensure Your Teambuilding Will Suck

By James Carter There are many reasons why a team building activity will fail.  Meaning it sucked.  Let’s be honest, there are many that are really terrible.  We have run a few of them ourselves that utterly failed.  It is embarrassing to admit and it is almost always because we committed one of the 5 […]

Awareness or Solution, Which Is Better?

There are a lot of people who have already brought awareness to the cause that they have just discovered. Last time, I encountered a conversation with a person that called me up and declared that the main purpose why he was forming a group is for awareness purposes. When I shared this story to a […]

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Cargill Builds 15 Bicycles for the Geneva Boys and Girls Club

Cargill set a Legendary precedent kicking off their three-day, northeastern conference building 15 bicycles for the youngsters of the local Boys and Girls Club of Geneva. With corporate responsibility threading together their international initiatives in food and agriculture, they were given a unique opportunity to literally give back to their customers. As 180 Cargill employees […]


California Pizza Kitchen Inspires Action on Sailing Adventure

Executives of the California Pizza Kitchen are creating positive change within their organization taking the time to invest in their most important asset, their people.  Keeping this in the forefront of their mind, they were challenged to learn, communicate, and constantly adapt to a changing environment as they sailed through Newport harbor. When you examine […]


14 Actelion Employees Built a Better Tomorrow

Fourteen member of Actelion’s sales teams highlighted that in one afternoon one group with a common purpose can make a meaningful and steadfast difference. How? The power of play. Ninety-four percent of four-year-old children scored significantly above average in creativity.  On their eighth birthday, only four percent of these children scored high for creativity. Each […]