Executive and Board Meetings

Executive and Board Meetings

Meetings can be a frustrating if it seems to be a choreographed sham with behind the scenes jockeying for position and the decisions made before the group meets.

If this sounds like your group, you have fallen into the category of 98% of executive teams and boards in the world. And, for the most part, it will always be so.

The question is, is your group going to be part of the 2% minority?

This typically occurs because the individual goals do not match group goals. And it's possible that may not change. If so, the best a group in that situation can do is keep open communication so the goals are clear.

However, we typically see that individuals do not share the same vision and hence, the small goals to achieve the vision become the end game and individuals fight for what they want.

One thing we have found over and over again is that people who have acheived this level in their life are very good at protecting themselves, saying the politically correct words and not truly opening themselves up to the group. Otherwise you expose weakeness that someone will exploit.

First things first, how can we help? I am not sure if we can. To establish whether your group is ready, our professional facilitators must interview the key stakeholders. That would include the group as well as any other stakeholders involved.

Each interview is 30 to 60 minutes in length and identical questions are asked with follow-up comments and questions.

Based upon the interviews, many possibilities are considered that will fit what would most benefit the group.

Some typical boardroom solutions, if we can help:

Executive Community
A conscious process in which senior executives develop shared organizational values and practices with their peers and other managers in their organization, with the intent of establishing a workplace for all based on collaboration, integrity, knowledge-sharing, creative conflict and synergy.

Cabin Fever®
Cabin Fever is a unique retreat in location, structure and outcomes. Cabin fever is a three day, two night event combining experiential team building, goal acquisition, personal strength development, and group bonding in a comfortable retreat environment.

Regardless of the solution, the key to turning a group of executives or board members around is consistent follow up, both internal and external. Make sure follow up is possible or 'things' will be worse than before we started as the solution provides hope -- hope for a more cohesive, enjoyable possibility other than what they are experiencing now. That does more harm than good.

Contact us today to discuss what would benefit your group most.