Orientation to College Life,
Beginning the Legend's Journey

Beginning the Legend's Journey

A step into college is a leap into the unknown.

Incoming college freshman will be taking the initial steps past certainty and familiarity and beginning to cultivate a path that is their own.

Beginning the Legend's Journey gives students the tools and mental processes that will not only allow them to thrive in the their collegian careers, but also create a paradigm shift unveiling a more meaningful way to interact with and make a difference in the world.

Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Mother Theresa - the journey's of their lives are undoubtedly legendary, but the capacity for these individuals is inherent to us all. Each of us are born Legendary. This programs breaks down three common areas of mastery on the Legend's Journey:

- Awareness
- Beliefs
- Courage

Students will learn new ways to tap into their Awareness discovering the difference making opportunities that surround them, cultivate their Beliefs using them as the compass for their journey, and gain the Courage live a life outside the shell.

Through these highly experiential and interactive concepts students will discover profound life convictions - that the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. That we each hold a capacity that is unique and unlike any other. And for that very reason alone our journey is already legendary.

By helping incoming freshman in the mastery of these areas, they can approach their entire college career with the lens of their Legendary potential.

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